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Please note battery powered equipment is sold as a single unit. Batteries and chargers are sold separately.

The Kress KAB02 2Ah 18650 Battery offers the advantages of lithium-ion technology: high capacity, low self-discharge and no memory effect. The battery is compatible with various 20V Kress battery tools.

Key Features

• CELL GUARD - cells are protected, so they cannot vibrate and touch each other

• SMARTLINK - intelligent battery control software designed to protect the battery, for optimal energy supply to the devices and for communication with the charger

• HEATSHIELD INSULATION - HDPE jacket keeps cells cooler for longer. This increases efficiency and allows for a longer runtime.

KAB02 2Ah 18650 Battery

  • Item type:  battery

    Battery technology:  Li-ion

    Battery Voltage:  20V

    Battery capacity:  2.Ah

    Charging time: 60 minutes

    Weight: 0.4kg

    System: Battery Kress System 20 volts

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