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Please note battery powered equipment is sold as a single unit. Batteries and chargers are sold separately.

The Kress KG633E.9 20V 20V BL High Flow Portable Washer can be used anywhere and easily transported without a fixed power or water connection. You can take your Hydroshot Plus anywhere and draw water from any source: bucket, bottle, pond, river or lake.

Regardless of whether you want to remove the last traces of winter from the terrace, clean your mountain bike after the last off-road excursion or prepare your camper for the season - the Kress high-pressure cleaner is the perfect tool for every surface. It removes dust and dirt quickly and efficiently - even where there is no electricity or water connection.

Key Features

• TWO PRESSURE LEVELS Set: the pressure washer to 15 bar for sensitive surfaces or go full throttle at 25 bar for particularly stubborn dirt.

• BRUSHLESS MOTOR: maximum efficiency and extremely high performance and durability.

• PRACTICAL SELF-PRIMING: you can use water from all sources: pond, bucket or even from a water bottle

KG633E.9 20V BL High Flow Portable Washer, Bare Tool

  • Product type cleaner

    Version: high-pressure

    Drive: type battery

    Max. pressure: 25 bar

    Receiving pressure: 22 bar

    Flow rate: 210 l/h

    Length of high-pressure hose: 6 m

    Detergent tank: 0.4 l

    Depth: 20 cm

    Width: 8 cm

    Height: 91 cm

    Mains voltage: 20 V

    Weight without battery: 1.8 kg

    Rated input power: 40 W - 100 W

    System: KRESS 20 V battery system


    Water hose (6 m)

    Long lance

    Short lance


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